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What We Do

Our core strategy centers on intersegmental partnerships to
bridge the gaps between K-12 and Higher Ed.

Strategic Goals

Policy Recommendation #1: Create a shared definition of “college readiness” between K-12 and Higher Ed partners.

Policy Recommendation #2: Develop a new nationwide framework for the post-pandemic public education system that includes shared accountability for student outcomes throughout K-16.


Objective #1: Improve the rate of African-American students, especially males, participating in and succeeding in STEM courses and majors.

Objective #2: Increase partnerships in rural communities in CA and nationwide.

Objective #1: Create articulated academic readiness and success plans with our K-12 partners.

Objective #2: Implement Learning-Based Grading™ to improve course outcomes through equitable grading practices.

Objective #3: Expand the use of dual-enrollment math courses as an intervention and alignment strategy.

Objective #1: Create articulated college readiness and success plans with our K-16 partners.

Objective #2: Improve proficiency in college knowledge amongst K-12 counselors.

Initiatives By Year

Programmatic PD Initiatives
SLAM Program (Revision)
Learning-Based Grading™ PD
K-16 Math PD
College Counseling PD
Research Initiatives
College Readiness Alignment
College Transition, Persistence, & Completion
K-16 Math Teaching, Learning, & Alignment
CA K-8 School Expansion
CA Comm College Expansion
Multi-State Expansion
Teaching and Counseling Credentialing

How We Do It

Action Research Projects

We engage in both Grant-Funded and Institution-Commissioned Projects that utilize our Action Research Cycle to create innovative solutions.

K-16 Professional Services

College Bridge engages in professional development services to improve college readiness metrics, specifically in areas crucial for college completion.