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You’ve Survived Your First Transition Online - Now How Do You Do It Right?

Whew! You survived redesigning the plane you were flying in while flying it (otherwise know as “The Big Pivot” when we all suddenly started teaching remotely). But now you need to do this from the ground up, and its time to learn to do it right. In this webinar, Cal State LA Math faculty member Sharona Krinsky will help you learn the basics of designing a course in a non face-to-face environment from the ground up. How to choose the appropriate technology platform(s)? What information do you need to give your students? How does teaching online or flipped differ from teaching face-to-face? How the heck do you write mathematics if there is no chalkboard or whiteboard? For instructors faced with teaching math online for the very first time, this webinar will walk you through the basics, step-by-step. You will have opportunities to ask your own questions and get detailed, specific information relevant to YOUR courses.

Meet the Hosts

This webinar is jointly led by Cal State LA Math faculty members Sharona Krinsky and Robert Bosley.

Sharona Krinsky
Robert Bosley

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Sharona Krinsky
Sharona brings over 25 years of professional development experience in teaching math at the university as well as extensive experience teaching in hybrid environments and dual enrollment (high school/college) using technology. She is currently teaching Calculus and Statistics, coordinates the Statistics pathway course at Cal State LA, and is a peer mentor at her campus’ Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
Robert Bosley
Robert currently teaches Statistics and serves as a math education researcher, intervention coordinator, and peer coach. He has extensive experience providing professional development to math instructors in content, pedagogy, and data analysis as well as effective use of LMS systems (Schoology, Canvas, Illuminate, etc.).