2021 Summer Symposium

The Changing Landscape of College Readiness

Are you preparing your students for college success?
What are your outcomes?
Would you like to improve them?

Embark on a new Intersegmental Partnership!


Connect with new, like-minded partners and take action now. This interactive, virtual event is for K-16 administrators, counselors, instructors, and policy makers. Together we can Build Back Better with new, innovative intersegmental partnerships and programs that improve student outcomes for college readiness and success. Let’s bridge together to develop a better education system.

During this event, you will develop shared definitions of college readiness and success, learn about an innovative program that improves outcomes, share student outcomes you want to improve, and quickly find partners to join your efforts. We will also discuss an opportunity to partner for an Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Grant.

Symposium Information


The Changing Landscape of College Readiness in the State of California

Call to Action: Analyze, rethink, and create shared metrics of college and career readiness.

Dual Enrollment as a Strategy for College Success​

Call to Action: Develop a revision to these programs.

Jam Board Activity

Call to Action: Share student outcomes you want to improve at your site.

New Partnership Collaboration

Call to Action: Develop new connections and partnerships. Apply for an EIR grant partnership.

Topics for Higher Ed Professionals

Are your AB705 multiple measures still applicable for incoming Freshman placement?

  • Learn how high schools adjusted grading practices during COVID.
  • Learn what measures are no longer being offered/required at K-12 level and which are still valid.
  • Hear from colleagues about freshman placement practices.

Are you working with your high school feeder schools to improve academic readiness?

  • Learn how your local high schools define college readiness.
  • Learn how to build a college readiness pipeline with local feeder schools.
  • Hear how you work with feeder schools to improve math readiness.

Do you want to increase your student completion rates?

  • Learn how to increase course pass rates through mastery grading.
  • Learn how improved math readiness can increase your 4-year transfer rate.

Topics for K-12 Professionals

College Readiness & Success

  • Learn how to increase your CA Dashboard College & Career Readiness Indicator.
  • Learn how to increase your college eligibility and admission rates.

Rigorous Courses for All Students

  • Learn about alternative programs to AP, including dual enrollment and innovative intervention.
  • Learn about the impact of accelerated courses in the new California Math Framework.
  • Lean how new math framework aligns to Higher Ed.


Click the button below to register on Zoom. If you have any questions, please contact Maribell Ramos at maribell.ramos@college-bridge.org.