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Professional Services

College Bridge engages in services with both K-12 and Higher Ed to improve
college readiness metrics in areas crucial for college completion.

Mathematics Metrics
  • State Indicators (CA Dashboard)
    •  Math Indicator for Student Achievement (Priority 4)
    •  College/Career Indicator (Priority 8)
  • Local Indicators (LCAP)
    • Implementation of State Academic Standards (Priority 2)
    • Access to a Broad Course of Study (Priority 7)
  • CSU/CCC Math Readiness
  • Course Pass Rates : Grades 6 – Calculus
College Counseling & Readiness Metrics
  • State Indicators (CA Dashboard) – College/Career Indicator (Priority 8)
  • Local Indicators (LCAP) – Access to Broad Course Curriculum (Priority 7)
  • A-G Completion
  • CSU & UC Eligibility
  • FAFSA Completion
  • Applications to Admits to Enrollments
  • College Matriculation
  • CCC & CSU Readiness
  • Freshman to Sophomore Retention
  • College Completion

Service Categories


Implement collaborative intersegmental partnerships to improve student outcomes with your feeder institutions.

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Engage in data-driven improvement cycles targeting specific student outcomes.

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K-16 Math

Align your math curriculum, assessments, and pedagogy to SBAC and more college readiness metrics.

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Learn the difference between college eligibility and readiness and improve your site's college readiness outcomes.

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Our team of college counseling and math professional development experts are providing announcements, resources, and webinars supporting math instructors and counselors through COVID-19 and beyond.
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