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Increasing A-G Completion Rates

College Bridge was commissioned by a large school district to help improve A-G completion rates. The district sought to require A-G completion for high school graduation, making all high school graduates eligible to attend a CSU or UC. This project included a full evaluation report that is available for viewing and download in the Research Reports section at the bottom of this page. As an internal project, all identifying information has been removed and the project name changed to the Success Project.

Student Outcomes

Students Served
0 %
Back on Track for A-G Completion

Instructor Outcomes

Teachers Served
0 %
Improved Content and Pedagogical Knowledge
0 %
Cited Increased Ability to Foster Resiliency

Our Process

Action Research Wheel

Research Report

Success Evaluation Report


“I had to kind of slap myself on the wrist for pre-judging some of these kids. And I always prided myself on being an open-minded teacher. Apparently, I wasn’t. I didn’t realize it before now, but I had pigeon-holed some of these kids as failing students.”
Success Teacher
“I feel like I became a better student and I am inspired to do great in life and believe in myself more. I am also way more focused in class.”
Success Student