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Projects & Impact

Innovative projects transforming school systems and student lives

We engage in both Grant-Funded and Institution-Commissioned Action Research Projects. All projects are designed to improve specific student outcomes that will ultimately lead to college success. Topics focus on improving academic outcomes or college knowledge.

Featured Projects

Building on the SLAM Project, M-PReP is a vertical alignment project from grade 9 through college grounded in the creation of a school-wide college math readiness plan. An eight-year longitudinal research project, M-PReP spans high schools, community colleges and CSUs in Southern and Central California.

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Dual Enrollment Bridge (DE-Bridge), formerly known as SLAM, launched in 2013 as an intersegmental partnership with LAUSD and Cal State LA to create an innovative solution to the college math readiness dilemma. The initial three-year pilot was funded by a grant from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

College Bridge was commissioned by a large school district to help improve A-G completion rates. The district sought to require A-G completion for high school graduation, making all high school graduates eligible to attend a CSU or UC. This project included a full evaluation report that is available for viewing and download in the Research Reports section at the bottom of this page. As an internal project, all identifying information has been removed and the project name changed to the Success Project.