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Strategic planning for student-centered, outcome-driven systemic change.


You tell us which student success metrics you want to improve and we will help you develop a plan to get there. We also provide support in the implementation and evaluation of your strategic plan.

We consult with educational leaders in K-12, Higher Ed, and Intersegmental Partnerships.
See below for contacts based on your area of interest.

Dual Enrollment, Intersegmental Partnerships, and K-16 Mathematics.

For consulting in K-16 Math, Dual Enrollment, or Intersegmental Partnerships, please contact Dr. Lynn Cevallos:


Alterative Grading, Learning-Based Grading, Course Design.

For consulting in Alternative Grading, Learning-Based Grading, or Course Design, please contact Owynn Lancaster:

College Counseling, College & Career Readiness

For consulting in College Counseling or College & Career Readiness, please contact Dr. Nicole Korgie:

Other Services



Implement a research-based program that offers both short- and long-term improvements in student outcomes. Launch a program as-is or join a practice/research partnership.



Attend a conference and join a collaborative space for practitioners and administrators across the K-16 continuum to engage in ideas to improve college readiness and success outcomes.