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*Why did the registration fee jump to $50?

As many of you know, we launched The Grading Conference in 2020 as a free virtual conference right at the beginning of the pandemic. Then, in 2021 we charged a nominal fee of $10 to cover some of the technical costs of the conference (yes Zoom – we’re looking at you!). Over these past couple of years, we have been tracking the actual costs of the conference as well as developing our principles, one of which is committing to paying our speakers for their expertise and another is being able cover the direct costs associated with the conference so that our non-profit host, College Bridge, doesn’t have to continue footing the bill. It turns out that accounting, insurance, etc. is EXPENSIVE!  Based on our analysis, we found out that it costs us about $25,000 to run this conference. So, if you can afford it and/or have professional development funds, we would appreciate your help in covering these costs. HOWEVER! We are committed to making sure this does NOT become a barrier to you attending the conference.

So, if you are a student or cannot afford the $50 charge, use our alternate registration by selecting the button below. 

Please note that when you select submit you will be taken to a PayPal Payment Page to complete the registration. Charges on your account will be from College Bridge.