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K-16 Mathematics Workshops & Courses

This summer we are introducing a new series of math workshops and courses designed to mitigate learning loss. Any math instructor from grades 6-12 or a broad-access college or university knows that learning loss in mathematics was a major problem long before the pandemic. What’s new is the national attention brought to this  systemic issue.

Any learning loss (or learning gains) in mathematics due to the pandemic is nearly impossible to measure as student learning pre-pandemic was neither assessed nor tracked well for individual students over time. All of College Bridge’s new workshops and courses focus on teaching, learning, and assessment practices that utilize quantifiable methods. Professional learning is offered for math faculty spanning the K-16 continuum for both new and veteran instructors.

Mastery Grading: Promoting Student Success and Deeper Learning Through Grading Practices

July 14 to August 25, 2021

COMING SOON: Mastery Grading to Mitigate Learning Loss

Promoting Student Success and Deeper Learning through Grading Practices

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Online/Blended Learning to Mitigate Learning Loss

Professional Development Program for Math Instructors

Teaching Math Remotely is research-based, evidence-driven professional development series for grades 6-12 math faculty and school administrators to support distance learning in mathematics. Our layered approach to professional development provides a comprehensive structure within which educators and institutions can build both individual and institutional capacity to address the learning needs of all students. The program is available as stand-alone modules or embedded within two cycles institutional research to identify and mitigate learning loss in mathematics.

Stand-Alone Professional Development Modules

The stand-alone professional learning sessions are for sites that currently employ a process for using data for continuous improvement. Such sites can provide us with information to customize the professional learning services to address their identified needs and target student outcomes for attendance/engagement and math course grades.

Professional Development Modules with Institutional Research

In this option the PD modules are embedded within two cycles of institutional research that analyzes quantitative outcomes (attendance/engagement and course grades) with qualitative data from all math teachers and students. Administrators and teachers engage in a cyclical process evaluating and revising their policies and practices in distance learning based to improve student outcomes.