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Math Webinars

Professional development for math instructors 

through COVID-19 and beyond.

Teaching Mathematics Remotely and Doing It Well

A Professional Development Program for Math Instructors

Teaching mathematics online and doing it well requires best practices in online instruction as well as specific instructional strategies optimized for math. In this 4-session course for math faculty and instructors, participants will gain the knowledge to adapt their courses for delivery in an online, hybrid, or blended environment. All sessions integrate math-specific examples, handouts with resources, and opportunities for discussion and active learning. Participants will develop materials for their own courses through pre- and post-session assignments as well as forum discussions and in-class group interactions. Completion of the course will be recognized with a Certificate of Completion from College Bridge.

University Level:

Professional Development Course for University Faculty and Instructors

Secondary Level:

Professional Development Course for High School Teachers and Middle School Teachers

Administrator Session:

Introduction to Online Instruction for Administrators


Flipped Learning

Two Webinars on Flipped Learning with Robert Talbert

Getting Started with Flipped Learning

Designing Courses for Flipped Learning