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Math Bridge

An intersegmental coalition of

innovative leaders in math education. 

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What is Math Bridge?

A Math Bridge is the systemic alignment of college and high school math programs, creating a seamless transition for students.

The project activities include:

  • identifying high school students struggling in mathematics,
  • designing interventions using a blend of college and high school math courses, and
  • college and high school instructional teams analyzing student work for continuous improvement.

Based on Past Research

Underprepared Students Served
Passed College Math

The project is based on an evolving series of longitudinal research/practice projects that College Bridge has successfully implemented since 2013 — the Math Pipeline Readiness Project (M-PReP).

One M-PReP success story occurred in 2018 at Dinuba High School, a Central California rural high school that served 1,988 students at the time (82 percent socioeconomically disadvantaged and 93 percent Latino).

Regional Initiatives

Central Valley Math Bridge

The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), College Bridge, Fresno Pacific University, and the Rand Corporation partnered to develop a Math Bridge model with eight colleges and their respective high schools in California’s rural Central Valley.

Two strategic grants provide the funding: the US DOE’s Education Innovation and Research program and the San Joaquin Valley K-16 Collaborative.

High schools in the partner Colleges’ service are being recruited in 2023 and can inquire at

College Partners

Los Angeles Math Bridge

The California Community Foundation funded a Planning and Implementation grant to bring Math Bridge to Los Angeles County. The project supports three Planning Committees (Strategic Planning, Student Recruitment, and Curriculum & Instruction) to develop and implement three models:

  1. A district-wide model for a medium school district,
  2. A site-based model for high schools within a large school district, and
  3. A charter school model.