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K-16 Mathematics

Are your students prepared for college-level mathematics?

The Math Professional Development Modules support math departments in the alignment of their math programs, instruction, and assessments to SBAC, a college readiness metric. All sessions are centered on alignment of the Common Core State Standards – Math to SBAC as well as the school’s adopted math program.

Mathematics Metrics
  • State Indicators (CA Dashboard)
    •  Math Indicator for Student Achievement (Priority 4)
    •  College/Career Indicator (Priority 8)
  • CSU/CCC Math Readiness
  • Local Indicators (LCAP)
    • Implementation of State Academic Standards (Priority 2)
    • Access to a Broad Course of Study (Priority 7)
  • Course Pass Rates: Grades 6 – Calculus

K-16 Mathematics Alignment Services

Vertical Alignment of Math Program to SBAC

Why This Is Important

The SBAC is the state-mandated assessment of California’s Common Core State Standards – Math resulting in CAASPP scores used by both K-12 and higher education. The exam embeds assessment of students’ Math Practices and the use of digital tools. Aligning the assessment to a site’s math program allows students to demonstrate knowledge of CCSS-M while allowing teachers to streamline their site’s foundational math program to a college readiness metric.

Targeted Outcomes
CA Dashboard (State Indicators)
  • Priority 4: Math Indicator – Student Achievement via SBAC/CAASPP Scores
  • Priority 8: College/Career Indicator
LCAP (Local Indicators)
  • Priority 2: Implementation of State Academic Standards
  • Priority 7: Access to a Broad Course of Study
CSU/CCC Math Readiness Measures
  • EAP
Who Should Participate
The professional development is designed for the following educators:
  • Math Teachers
  • Math TOSA(s)
  • Site and District Math Administrators

Living MS Excel spreadsheet aligning grade levels by SBAC Claim, Target and Standard designed for use over time to set targets and monitor student performance.

Training Details

Teachers will learn how Common Core State Standards – Mathematics and Math Practice Standards (SMP) are assessed by the SBAC. Teams of up to three grade levels will work collaboratively to identify any gaps between the standards and their math program, identify key concepts for each grade level, and align assessments to SBAC. Teams will map out a vertical alignment document organized by SBAC Claim.

Day 1: CCSS-M and SBAC Aligned Key Concepts

Day 2: Alignment of SBAC Claim 1 (Concepts & Procedures)

Day 3: Alignment of SBAC Claims 2-4


$4,500 for three full-day sessions on-site for up to 30 participants.