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Insights from College Bridge

The latest from our team who share the challenges and triumphs in fostering college success.

Selected Research Reports

College Bridge - M-PReP Final Report December 2021

Math Pipeline Readiness Project (M-PReP) Final Report

Executive Summary The most effective catalyst for school transformation is a strategic disruption. Our team spent the last four years embedded in a unique, innovative, roller-coaster of an experience called the Math Pipeline Readiness Project (M-PReP). We knew the project would be complicated given the lofty goal to create systemic

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College Bridge - SLAM Final Report

South Los Angeles Math (SLAM) Project

Executive Summary “My perception of being college-ready is way different from what I imagined in high school. Seeing the difference of how math is taught at a college level, there is no teacher to tell you to stay awake in class or what you are missing or need to turn

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College Bridge - Success Report June 2016

Improving A-G Completion – A Research/Practice Partnership

Executive Summary “I am now doing my assignments and don’t stress too much over it. I also learned to ask for help and speak up.”– Success Student The Success Project* was a credit boost academic intervention whose overarching purpose is to prepare at-risk students to graduate college and workforce ready.

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