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Current Projects

EIR DE-Math Bridge (2023-2028)

The DE-Math Bridge project, funded under the US Department of Education’s Education, Innovation, and Research Program, is a partnership with six colleges and 21 high schools in California’s Rural Central Valley to formalize a model of supported dual enrollment for low-income, minority students, and rural students.

San Joaquin Valley K-16 Collaborative's DE Math Bridge (2022 - 2026)

The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), College Bridge, and Fresno Pacific University (FPU) partnered to bring the DE Math Bridge to two colleges and seven high schools in California’s rural Central Valley.

The project builds on CVHEC and FPU’s Upskilling Project, which provides funding for high school math teachers to obtain Master’s Degrees. The advanced degrees qualify high school teachers to teach college courses, increasing capacity in the region to provide high school students with the opportunity to participate in DE Math Bridge courses.


LASIF DE Math Bridge for Los Angeles County (2022-2025)

The California Community Foundation funded a Planning and Implementation grant to bring DE Math Bridge to Los Angeles County. The project supports three Planning Committees (Strategic Planning, Student Recruitment, and Curriculum & Instruction) to develop and implement three models:

  1. A district-wide model for a medium school district,
  2. A site-based model for high schools within a large school district, and
  3. A charter school model.