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Math Pipeline Readiness Project

By Dr. Lynn Cevallos & Dr. Pedro Cevallos Updated: December 2019

Two major roadblocks students face on their path toward college graduation are math underpreparation and the lack of a post-secondary plan….

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The South Los Angeles Math (SLAM) Project

By Dr. Lynn Cevallos & Dr. Pedro Cevallos Updated: January 2017

The South Los Angeles Math (SLAM) Project is a nine-year longitudinal study created through a strategic partnership p between College Bridge, Los Angeles Unified School District, and California State University, Los Angeles…

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Close up Business people meeting to discuss the situation on the market. Business Financial Concept
Academic Intervention Evaluation Report

By Dr. Lynn Cevallos, Dr. Pedro Cevallos, and Dr. Maria Jimenez
Updated: June 2016

Success* is a credit boost academic intervention whose overarching purpose is to prepare at-risk students to graduate college and workforce ready. The program was predicated upon academic resilience…

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CSU Admission Policy Change May Dispropotionately Impact Students of Color

By Dr. Nicole Korgie and Dr. Keyon Anderson
Posted Aug. 24, 2020

In response to the unavailability of the SAT and ACT tests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the California State University system responded by removing those test scores from the admission requirement. In place of the test scores…

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CSU Campuses to Continue with Predominantly Virtual Instruction

CSU Chancelor Press Release
Posted: Sept. 10, 2020

For the academic term beginning January 2021, all 23 California State University (CSU) campuses will continue with coursework primarily delivered virtually, CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White announced in a message to the university community today….

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UC Temporarily Adjusts Admissions Requirements to Help Students, Families in Wake of COVID-19

UC Press Room
Updated: January 2017

The University of California acted last night (March 31) to implement temporary measures which relax undergraduate admissions requirements for students looking to enroll at UC for fall 2020 and future years as applicable…

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