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Admission Decision Appeals

College admission decisions are rolling in every day now, brining both tears of joy and tears of sorrow. College admission denials can be painful, even if expected. Many students (and

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Financial Aid Appeals

While families are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, Financial Aid Appeals will likely be a needed step in helping students from our communities access the aid they need to

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Cal Grant A & B

For many first-generation low-income students, the Cal Grant Program has proven to be a great equalizer in creating access to higher education at the four-year university level. The Cal Grant

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What’s the difference between FAFSA, CADAA & DACA?

Which financial aid application should undocumented students complete?  For years, undocumented students have received mixed messages about whether they should be submitting the FAFSA, California Dream Act Application (CADAA), or

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