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We create systemic alignment through strategic dual enrollment;

transforming high school into a catalyst for college success.

At College Bridge, we refer to ourselves as "passionate doers," passionate about improving education and dedicated to overcome barriers to get the work done.

We are also part of your team. We consider your students our students, your faculty our faculty, your campus our campus, and your successes and failures ours, too. We commit ourselves fully when we work with you, with plenty of inspiration along the way.

Our Mission

To identify and eliminate barriers that prevent underrepresented students from progressing to and through college. Specifically, we’re focused on Black, Latiné, low-income, and rural students.

Our Vision

To create a seamless, K-16 pathway for students. 

Strategic Goals

Objective #1: Expand strategic dual enrollment partnerships to serve low-income, rural, and Latiné students in California’s Central Valley.

Objective #2: Expand strategic DE Math Bridge partnerships to serve Black students in Los Angeles County.

Objective #1: At least 70% of students pass college-level math courses within one year.

Objective #2: At least 20% of high school seniors who identify as “non-STEM” pursue STEM majors in college.

Dr. Lynn Cevallos

Dr. Lynn Cevallos, Founder

Founder's Story

I founded College Bridge not only because of what I’ve observed as an educator, consultant, and researcher, but also because of what I experienced as a student growing up in the U.S.

I, too, was one of those students who got derailed by the system that professed to support me. As a third grader I was thriving, reading at nearly tenth grade level. At 15, I dropped out of high school – I was on my own, without support or guidance.

I’ve always loved learning. I was a natural at math. But it took until I was 24 years old to figure out how to attend college.  I studied math and secondary education, inspired to become a teacher and improve public education. I eventually pursued a doctorate at UCLA to better understand why kids struggle so much with math. I was determined to find a solution and forge a path towards both college access and success for underrepresented students. The solution became College Bridge.

Founded in 2011, College Bridge is the culmination of intense research paired with decades spent in classrooms with students, administrators, counselors, teachers, academics and researchers, all fueled by my personal journey. I know first hand what it’s like to get lost in the system that neither recognizes the needs of students nor how to prepare them for success in higher education. I am committed to focusing on student trajectories and building bridges to renovate our educational system, one school at a time.

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