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COVID-19 Financial Aid Appeals

Many families are experiencing financial hardships that will impact student financial aid awards. Students who have already received aid may qualify for more. Students who did not receive need-based aid may now be eligible. The statement below from the University of California is the best advice on how to work with colleges on updating student financial information. This process is the best option for all colleges a student may be considering at this point.

Statement from the University of California, 3/26/20, Counselors & Advisers Bulletin:

We understand that your students and their families may be financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic now or in the coming months. Students and families who believe that their situation requires a re-evaluation of their financial aid should be advised to:
  1. Utilize the campus financial aid calculators to determine if the change in their finances would affect the amount of financial aid they are eligible to receive.
  2. If the calculator shows a change in financial aid eligibility they should contact the campus(es) that they have been admitted to for available appeal processes.
  3. Contact information, including the best way to reach the financial aid office during remote operations, is available through the student’s portal or on the financial aid website. Follow-up to students will be handled by email responses, or telephone calls or virtual meetings as needed.
Please inform your students that such evaluations of financial aid are likely to occur later this summer, are considered on a case by case basis, and that process requirements can vary from campus to campus.

Here are some TIPS from College Bridge to help you during this time:

To easily find the financial aid calculator at any college, simply Google the name of the college and the phrase “net price calculator.”

Do not call the Financial Aid office. No one is likely there. Most staff are working remotely. Send an email and wait for a response.

  • BE PATIENT – This time of year is normally an extraordinarily busy time, and the environment now is only increasing the number of questions that need to be answered.
  • BE REALISTIC – It is unlikely that all colleges will be able to process all financial aid appeals prior to the May 1 SIR deadline. Students may need to make a decision on where to attend without a full financial aid picture.
  • ACT NOW – If you have significant financial impact, contact your college financial aid office TODAY. Many students will wait a few weeks to take action. Cases are normally processed on a first come first served basis. Get your place in line NOW.