“We create systemic improvements to ensure that a high school diploma actually means something. So when students are told they’re college-ready, they really are.”

—Dr. Lynn Cevallos, Founder, College Bridge

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Are you preparing your students for college success?

What are your outcomes?

Would you like to improve them?

At College Bridge, we tackle your school’s biggest challenges in order to improve overall student outcomes. Through both quantitative and qualitative data, we provide faculty and staff with knowledge, support, and tools that effectively guide changes to both programs and practices.

We recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all format when it comes to U.S. education, which is why we tailor our programs to meet your school exactly where it’s at. We consider your students our students, your faculty our faculty, your campus our campus, and your successes and failures ours, too. We commit ourselves fully when we work with you, with plenty of inspiration along the way.

Our Vision

To transform the K–16 educational system by identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent underrepresented students from progressing to and through college.

Our Mission

To create student-focused systemic change in K–16 institutions that ensures both college readiness and success.

Areas of Focus

We strive to improve college readiness and success through Professional Learning in the following areas:

  1. Alternative Grading (K-12 and Higher Ed)
  2. Dual Enrollment Bridge Programs
  3. College Counseling Professional Development

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